Ridiculously Funny Jokes

Ridiculously Funny Jokes

Ridiculously funny jokes are amazing. It is best for fun. you can enjoy with it. Another meanings of ridiculous are fun, enjoy, happiness, cheers, joy and much more. It is provide you unlimited fun in your life. You can celebrate your day as like festival. It is decorate your dream world with smile.

Here is best ridiculously funny jokes collection only for you. You can enjoy it. It is provide you lot’s of fun. You can easily read it.It is given in ridiculous funny language. It is amazing. You can share it and get fun with your bestirs and special ones. For more jokes you can visit on my another pages.

Q: Why do birds fly to warmer climates in the winter?
A: It’s much easier than walking!

Q: What creature is smarter than a talking parrot?
A: A spelling bee.

Q: How does the ocean say hello?
A: It waves.

Q: Why can’t you trust atoms?
A: They make up everything.

Q: Why aren’t dogs good dancers?
A: They have two left feet?

Q: What do you call an old snowman?
A: Water.

Q: Why was the picture sent to jail?
A: It was framed.

Q: What is a shark’s favorite lunch dish?
A: A peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich!

Q: What do you call a large dog that meditates?
A: Aware wolf!

Q: What do you call a dog magician?
A: A labracadabrador!

Q: What do you call a frozen dog?
A: A pupsicle!

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