Ghaint Punjabi Funny Jokes

Ghaint Punjabi Funny Jokes

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Pappu First Time Plane te Beta…
Jidda E Plane Da Agla Tire Uthe Uthiya
Pappu Pilot Nu Kuttan Lag Giya Te Usnu Kiha…
Saaliya Main Pelah E Dariya Piya Te Tu Stunts Mar Riha!!!

Interviewer: Let me check ur english,
tell me d opposite of good.?
Ranga: Bad.
Interviewer: Come
Ranga : Go.
Interviewer: Ugly?
Ranga : Pichhlli.
Interviewer: PICHLLI
Ranga: UGLY.
Interviewer: Shut Up.
Ranga : Keep talking.
Interviewer: Ok, now stop all dis
Ranga: Ok, now carry on all dis.
Interviewer: Abey, chup ho ja..chup ho ja..chup ho jaa.
Ranga: Abey bolta ja..bolta ja..bolta ja.
Interviewer: Arey, yaar.
Ranga: Arey dushman.
Interviewer: Get Out
Ranga: Come In.
Interviewer: Oh my God.
Ranga: Oh, my devil.
Interviewer: shhhhhhh
Ranga: Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Interviewer: mere bap chup hoja
Ranga: mere bete bolta reh
Interviewer: U are rejected
Ranga: I m selected. Oye Bolo ta ra ra ra ra
hayo rabba!!

Kuch Lokan Nu DEkh ke
Gaal Bhi Khud
Keh Dindi Aa…
“Ki Main Bahar Aa Jawa”

Air hostess: Sir kya loge?
Jatt: Milk Badam, Kheer, Bread Pakora n Tandoori Chicken wid Naan..
Airhostess: Sir tusi jahaaz te aaye ho,.
Apne PYO DE VYAAH te nhi!.

Jatt Bache Ke Report Lene Hospital Gya
Report Bohat Kharab Thi
Jatt Bache Se Bola
“Oy School Te School…
Tenu Ethey V Meri Izat Da Koi Kheyal Nai.

Jatt In Computer Exam
“What Is Microsoft Excel?”
Jatt : “It Is A New Brand Of Surf Excel To Clean The Computer

Jatt Was Awarded 2010 Nobel Prize
For His New
“Theory Of Motion”
Which States:
“Loose Motion Can Never Be Done In Slow Motion.”

Jatt on phone:
Doctor my wife is pergnant.She is having pain right now.
Doctor: Is this her first child?
Jatt: No this is her husband speaking‚¦

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