Evening Funny Jokes

Evening Funny Jokes

People believe that every moment of every day and every day of life has to be spent with laughter and happiness with free of any tension or burden. Laughter gives you healthy mind to think and understand and healthy body to work.

Here we are having some Evening Funny Jokes which makes your evening full of laughter and enjoyment and this makes your happy ending to your day. And this happy end of the previous day gives happy start to your next day.

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Good evening welcome to the six o’clock news
Our top story today, convicted hitman confessed today that he was once hired to beat a cow to death in a rice field, using only two small porcelain figures.
Police admit this may be the first known case of a knick knack paddy whack.

Two policemen on the door of a local man they know
“Good evening,” they say when he answers. “We just found a man dead in the park and we came around here because we thought it might be you.”
“How big was he?” asks the local man.
“He was about your size.”
“Was he wearing a pair of jeans?”
“Yes, he was.”
“Did he have a blue shirt on?”
“No, he didn’t,” say the policemen.
“Well,” says the man, “Then it wasn’t me.”

A farmer has three daughters
…who are all getting ready for dates that evening.
The doorbell rings and the first date is there.
“Hi there, sir. I’m Larry, I’m here for Mary. Gonna take her for ice cream topped with a cherry”
The farmer let’s them go. The second date comes.
“Good evening, sir. My name’s Freddy. I’m here for Betty. I’m gonna take her dancing and to get some spaghetti”
The farmer let’s them go on their date as well.
Finally, the third date shows up.
“Hey, what’s up? My name’s Chuck-“
The farmer shoots him dead before he can finish.

Boyfriend: Ye Kesi Chay Hai, Aisi Hi Chay Peete Ho Tum.
Girlfriend: Ha Aisi Hi Peete Hai Or Ye Coffee Hai..
Boyfriend : Ohhh…
Girlfriend: Uhh.. Sala Gareeb.

Teacher-: Past Or Future Tense Ka Matlab Btao.
Chintu-: Ek Ladki Ki Or Dekh Kar Budhe Past Tense Me Or Ladke Future
Tense Me Chale Jate Hai.

Ladki-: Me Saadi Ke Bad Tumhare Sare Dard Bant Lungi.
Ladka-: Ladka par Dard Hai Kha.
Ladki-: Me Saadi Ke Bad Ki Bat Kar Rhi Hu.!!!

Class Ki Har girl 1 Phul Hai,
Usse Chahnaa 1 Bhul Hai,
Jo Inki Soch Main Gull Hai,
Smjho Uski Compartment K Chances Full Hai..

Mud Mud Kr Naa Dekh Mujhey,
Yu Hanstey Hanstey,
Mere Dost Hain Bade Hoshiyar,
Keh Dengey Bhabhi Namastey..

Aap ko Miss Kre,
Muje Kiss Kre,
Aap ko Papppi De,
Muje Jafi De,
Aap Se 1Rar Kre,
Mujse Pyar Kre,
Apke Sath Roy,
Mere Sath Soy

लड़की आधी रात को – गुड नाइट मम्मी
मम्मी – गुड नाइट
लड़की गुस्से में – गुड नाइट पापा
पापा – गुड नाइट
लड़की परेशान होकर –
अरे गुड नाइट कहाँ है? मच्छर काट रहे हैं
अंग्रेजों की औलादों 🙂

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