Election Funny Jokes

Election Funny Jokes

Election is all about voting and electing new ruling party or new government. People give vote to their supporting party and to which government they want as their new government.

There many types of funny incidents happens in elections. So, we prepared some Election Funny Jokes according to the funny incidents of Election. They are very funny and contain bulk of laughter. This also describes the funny condition of elections.

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एक आदमी वोट डालने गया और ईवीएम के सामने बड़ी देर तक बिना वोट डाले खड़ा रहा।
पोलिंग अफसर ने पूछा- भाई साहब, क्या सोच रहे हो?
इस पर आदमी बोला-रात को किसने पिलायी थी, याद नहीं आ रहा!!

The 2020 election results are in!
Oh sorry, this is just for us Russians.

It’s important to look closely at lawn signs during election campaigns
Last time I voted for a real estate agent

What if Jagmet Singh won the election
and it was actually Justin Trudeau all along.

I’m appalled that the quadriplegic society won’t allow me to run in their presidential election
I won’t stand for it!

Putin won the election with 76.6% of the vote
Funnily enough the exact same percent I gave myself when my teacher told us we could mark our own tests and I didn’t want to look suspicious

2024 Election
Kanye delaying his 2020 presidential bid to 2024.
That’s the whole joke.

क औरत चुनाव में खड़ी हुई
सहेली – वाह बहन तू तो चुनाव लड़ रही है
औरत – हां और देखना मैं पक्का जीतूंगी
सहेली – अच्छा तुझे ये
चुनाव लड़ने का ख्याल कहाँ से आया
औरत – अरे जब भी मेरी अपने पति से
लड़ाई होती है
तो मैं ही तो जीतती हूँ

प्रेमी प्रेमिका दोनों फोन पर बात कर रहे थे
लड़की – बाबू एक बात पूछूँ
लड़का – हाँ बोलो
लड़की – ये वोट डालने की उम्र तो 18 साल है
लेकिन शादी की उम्र 21 साल क्यों होती है ?
लड़का – क्योंकि सरकार को पता है
देश चलाना आसान है लेकिन बीवी नहीं..

Q: Have you heard about McDonald’s new Obama Value Meal?
A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.

Q: What are politically enthusiastic Robins known for?
A: Early Voting

Q: What happened when Ben Franklin told a joke to the Liberty Bell?
A: It cracked it up.

Q: How did the poll worker get everyone to work together?
A: She delegates.

Q: How did the US flag greet the Canadian flag?
A: It waved.

Q: What US state is the smartest?
A: Alabama – it has four A’s and one B.

Q: Why was Ben Franklin so healthy?
A: He had a good Constitution.

Q: Why does Mississippi see so many voters at the polls?
A: Because it has 4 eyes.

Q: On election day, what did Delaware?
A: Her New Jersey.

Q: What kind of limb did the candidate for president go on?
A: An executive branch

Q: What did the corrupt senator order on election day?
A: Stuffed ballots.

Q: What grows longer every election year?
A: The branches of government.

Q: Where did the politician take his wife for something sweet?
A: On a candydate

Q: What is the capital of Washington?
A: W.

Q: Where can children vote?
A: In swing states

Q: What is the capital of Alaska?
A: Don’t Juneau this one?

Q: Where do poll workers get trained?
A: Electoral College

Q: What do you call an argument between a politician and one of his donors?
A: A conflict of interest.

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