Dekh Bhai Funny Jokes

Dekh Bhai Funny Jokes

Dekh Bhai is a word which is used in Indian. Mostly this word is used is for Brother or Friend. This word is used to bring the attention of the other towards you. Using this word in Indians is common thing.

The relation of friends or siblings is very special. To fill this special relation with fun and laughter we are having some Dekh Bhai Funny Jokes in your language. This amazing collection of Dekh Bhai Funny Jokes surely excites you.

You can share these Dekh Bhai Funny Jokes with your Friends, classmates or cousins. These Dekh Bhai Funny Jokes gives you so much of fun. Fun and laughter are the thing that can make your works easier.

देख मत भाई तेरी बहन जैसी हूँ |

देख पगली मेरे दिल मे एक ही जगह खाली बची है..
तो डिसाइड कर ले तू रहेगी या तेरी सहेली..

Dekh Bhai – Exam me pass hone ke 3 tarike
1) Uninstall Whatsapp 2) Uninstall Facebook and 3) Mini Xerox ke Chitthe..

Dekh Bhai – Apni wali ko bol ke apni kisi Saheli se setting karva de

Dekh Bhai – Abe BC, Pahle apni ankh khol ke to dekh le

Dekh Bhai – is Diwali me Happy New Year Dekhunga

Dekh Bhai – Agar bukhar hai to medicine le, Facebook status mat Daal…

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